Saturday, August 16, 2008

Level II Ultrasound Update

Yesterday was the Level II ultrasound. I feel bad for any parent that has never been able to experience this. It was AMAZING!! We were able to see just about everything on our little Peanut. We saw parts of his brain, we saw his kidneys, his diaphram, we saw all 4 chambers of his heart. We saw his bones, his spine, his little nose and his little lips. We saw him sucking his thumb AND we saw the goods. No being shy at this appointment! woo hoo!! We saw the amniotic fluid in his stomach and in his bladder. Very cool!

Everything measures right on schedule. He also weighs approximately 12 oz. He is also a VERY active little boy. He is gorgeous if I must say so myself. LOL

I don't think I could ever get tired of watching him on the ultrasound. After all was said and done, I turned to Frank and said: I can't wait to kiss his toes and kiss his nose, to kiss his lips and his fingertips.

Also, the doctor is pleased with how I'm growing. The placenta previa is just about cleared up and my cervix is a good measurement. If things continue the way they are, he thinks I could possibly have a natural delivery. But, this could change at any moment. I'm OK with either way, as long as my baby is healthy.

My next appointment is in a couple of weeks. From this point on, until I get closer anyway, I will be going every 2 weeks - which is also fine with me. I would rather be monitored too closely than not.

Frank and I have already chosen a day care (we just need to reserve a spot). Next on our list is choosing a pediatrician, deciding on who to use for cord blood donation, and registering. In fact, I am going to start registering today. My sister offered to go with me and I am taking her up on it. Frank and I will go to choose the bedding and today, but my sister and I will do the bulk of it together. I am SO excited about that!

As for me - I'm getting a lot bigger, and feeling pretty good (considering I'm pregnant in the summer).